Combination Thread Repair Set 1017

SKU: NES1017
  • Replaces a huge array of taps and dies for cheaper and faster maintenance
  • One hand tool restores inch or metric, right or left-hand fastener threads
  • Self-adjusting to any pitch and size within the range
  • No need for calibration or identifying thread type
Manufacturer: Nes
Industry: Automotive

Nes Thread Repair

Introducing a solution to one of the most common and frustrating reoccurring problems in working with fasteners – Stripped and damaged threads.

NES Thread Repair hand tools repair both external and internal stripped pipe threads and eliminate the need for an extensive collection of taps and die. There is no need to determine bolt size, depth, and pitch. The tools work with standard or metric, and right or left-hand threads. In addition, they can repair threads that are at the beginning of a nut or bolt, whereas taps and dies are not able to perform that function.

The outstanding innovation of these hand tools was recognized and received an ‘Editors Choice Award’ from “Popular Mechanics” at the 2010 AAPEX Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The award was given for “outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation”. The show featured over 1000 vendors displaying their products related to the automotive aftermarkets.

NES internal and external tools also cover a wide range of bolt sizes and are perfect for anyone that works with stripped threads. Internal, external, and combination sets are designed for professionals in industries including automotive, industrial, construction, welding, HVAC, agriculture, and marine.

SKU: NES1017
Length: NES1A, 21, 22, 23
External Diameter: 5/32″ – 11/16″
Internal Diameter: 5/16″ – 13/16″
LBS: 2.3

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