Terms & Conditions

Our Policy

All products contained within this price list, which are sold through Anglo American Enterprises Corporation aka Anglo American Tools, are distributed through traditional distributors, dealers, online outlets, and leading hand tool resellers. Our policy is that we do not sell our products directly to end-users. We strive to assist end-users in the proper tool selection and appropriate location.


The distributor cost prices as shown in this price list in the “Cost” price column are based upon suggested retail/list prices less the relative distributor discounts. While we do everything possible to honor these published prices, we reserve the right to dispatch at prices ruling at the date of shipment, particularly when we incur unexpected manufacturer increases or when international exchange rates change dramatically.


F.O.B. our Somerdale, NJ warehouse. Full freight allowance is given on net orders of $500.00. Net orders over $500.00 for outside the contiguous U.S.A. will be billed at the difference between 2nd Day Air rates and ground rates to the nearest port on the continent.

Minimum Order

Our minimum order value is $50.00. Any orders under that value will be billed at the minimum $50 value.

Standard Pack

All orders received for non-standard quantities of files (6 or 12) or hacksaw blades (10) will be adjusted to shelf pack quantity.

Special Orders

We represent many leading factories and would welcome the opportunity of quoting special orders. An order for non-standard items may not be canceled once it has been accepted.


2% /10, n/30: If payment is made within 10 days, 2% may be deducted from the net invoiced value of goods excluding any freight charges. Net is due within 30 days. No unearned discounts will be allowed. Finance charges will be applied to overdue accounts.

Return of Goods

Products returned without our permission will be refused. The authorization will be given for the return of any goods reported as being defective under our warranty conditions, damaged in transit, or subject to a shipping error. If the claim is accepted, we will replace or credit it as required.

A 10% restocking charge will be applied to any goods returned:

  1. without an accompanying order of equal value, or
  2. not in the original packaging.

No credit adjustment will be made for merchandise:

  1. Not in salable condition, or
  2. Bearing price stickers or similar labels, or
  3. Supplied more than two years ago.

Call our Customer Service Department for an R.G.A. # which should be marked on the shipping cartons and documents.

Transit Losses

Any claims for shortages or damages will only be processed in accordance with instructions outlined on the packing list and if advised within 5 days of receipt of merchandise.


Our liability is only for the value of the defective product or material sent in error.

UPC Info

UPC numbers can be supplied to our customers for the products which we stock. Please call our Marketing Department for the UPC number for any of our products.

Quantity Discounts

Details upon request from our representatives or corporate office.

Safety Tips & Warnings


  • use any tool for any function beyond its designed purpose
  • start a project on electrical equipment before ensuring the circuit is switched off
  • utilize tools of incorrect size or fit or beyond their capacity
  • use handles extensions or “cheater bars” on a tool to increase its leverage


  • wear safety glasses when cutting, striking, etc.
  • discard damaged or worn tools
  • use only specially designed tools near heat and flame.
  • maintain tools in clean, dry conditions and service with moisture repellent as appropriate
  • inspect all tools, including Safety Insulated tools, and replace when worn or damaged


All Anglo American Tools’ products are manufactured in sophisticated, highly specialized factories from the finest materials available, to the highest possible quality standards and are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. At its’ option, Anglo American Tools with replacing, repair, or refund the purchase price of any product which fails to comply with this warranty SUBJECT TO NORMAL USE and LACK OF ABUSE.

Under no circumstances shall Anglo American Tools be liable for incidental or consequential damage

Warranty Implementation

Tools returned broken (in two or more pieces) which are devoid of any signs of abuse or mistreatment would normally be replaced at factory expense. Any other tools subject to a warranty claim are likely to be excessively worn or abused and no refund or replacement commitment may be authorized prior to factory inspection and approval.

Warranty Exclusions

  • Deformed shape from load abuse or alteration
  • Tools showing signs of “hammering” damage
  • Excessive wear and tear beyond reasonable service life
  • Damage from heat or welding
  • Damage from cutting edges or gripping teeth resulting from use on hardened materials
  • Damage from arcing with hot wires
  • Worn PVC grips and handles
  • Abuse caused by incorrect use or application