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Turnus High Quality Industrial Stamping Tools and All-Steel Clamps


Anglo American Tools broadens its large-scale selection of industrial problem-solving hand tools with the addition of high-quality clamps and unique letter and number stamps from German manufacturer TURNUS.

TURNUS, a sister company of award-winning puller manufacturer KUKKO, produces alphanumeric letter and number stamps in different degrees of hardness and many different sizes, including digits 0-9, upper and lower case letters, the Greek alphabet, and a variety of specialty symbols.

The stamps are used for hand-held, hammer-struck applications and have crowned striking surfaces to ensure full striking force to the center of the stamp, with textured shanks to provide an easy grip.

In addition to the letter and number stamps, TURNUS also produces high-quality, ergonomic all-steel L-Clamps. The most popular model is the adjustable malleable cast iron clamp.

The Adjustable L-Clamp includes a two-component grip for effortless clamping, as well as fixed and moving arms on a hollow profile rail with a galvanized grooved slide. The trapezoidal threaded spindle is burnished for smooth operation. The handle can be adjusted to a 90-degree angle for maximum torque and increased clamping pressure. Something truly unique in today’s industrial hand tool marketplace.

To learn more about these high-quality stamping tools and all-steel clamps, in addition to the complete range of Turnus items, please contact Anglo American Tools at 856-784-8600, like us on Facebook, or visit our online store shop.angloamericantools.com

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