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Unbreakable, Ergonomic and Free of Vibrations. The New Osca 2000 Series is a Marvel in Latest Generation Hammer Technology.


Introducing a new innovation in the world of hammers. OSCA’s 2000 series of hammers incorporate a patented three-component handle technology making it a truly remarkable hammer unlike any other on the market.

OSCA, a premier manufacturer of hand tools in Italy is known widely for the distinct design and function of their range of hammers.

The 2000 series of hammers takes the cake as the most technologically advanced hammers to date. They are offered in two styles, as a Club Hammer or a Machinist’s Hammer. Both styles incorporate the same technology and features such as a patented safety forged collar, a steel wedge to ensure a mechanical fixing, lacquered sides, polished striking faces, blunted edges, and most importantly, the patented three-component handle system.

So what is this three-component handle system? It was designed by OSCA as a response to the professional hand tool industry to provide a hammer that is unbreakable, ergonomic, and free of vibrations.

The handle itself is comprised of 3 components. An aluminum alloy core elongates through the entire hammer that allowing the hammer to function free of vibrations. The integration of nylon in the handle allows for an ergonomic design that is unbreakable. Lastly, a thermoplastic rubber handle acts as an anti-slip component resistant to oils and solvents.

The club hammer comes in 5 different sizes ranging from a handle length of 10” to 11” and a face diameter of 1.5” to 2”. The machinist’s hammer comes in 5 different sizes ranging from a handle length of 12” to 16” and a face diameter of 1” to 2”.

The OSCA 2000 series of hammers are a solid choice for any professional. The form and function of these hammers are sure to get the job done with the desired results that you want, to solve any problem. Not only does the 2000 series look great and have the technology to back it up, but they are made to last. With hand-picked resources of the finest quality, your OSCA hammer will last for years to come. A sophisticated hammer, for the true professional. That’s what OSCA delivers for you.

To learn more about OSCA’s high-quality hammers & chisels contact Anglo American Tools at 856.784.8600 or visit our website at www.angloamericantools.com

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