Ratch-Cut: The Original Ratcheting Tube Cutter

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In 1982 Heinz Hutt, owner and founder of H.T. Mould, Inc., invented the Ratch-Cut Ratcheting Tube Cutter. Manufactured in Canada, Ratch-Cut products have enjoyed enormous success for many years. As is customary in the hand tool industry, once a tool has gained recognition for its unique innovations, copycat competitors begin to emulate the product design, often falling very short of the original quality. Quite a few companies offer copycat ratcheting tube cutters that have been manufactured in China and Taiwan and can be sold at lower prices. None, however, can be compared to the original!

Let’s examine the Ratch-Cut Ratcheting Tube Cutter in regard to some of its unique features and their benefits:

  1. The high-quality cutting wheel comes standard with each model: Ratch-Cut products are able to cut quickly and precisely through copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic tubing, and thin-wall PVC.
  2. Made from super strong aluminum-zinc alloy and reinforced with rynite 530 and 545: a fancy way to say that Ratch-Cut products are extremely durable.
  3. Designed for use in VERY tight spaces: The small size, lightweight, and thin profile of Ratch-Cut tools, coupled with a nifty ratcheting mechanism, allow one to work in tight spaces (e.g. under the sink, in a tight engine compartment, or any difficult to access area).
  4. The Ratch-Cut ratcheting action tube cutter won the Invention of the Year in 1985 and will always be a solid addition to anybody’s toolbox.

Over the years, H.T. Mould Inc. has continually striven for excellence and innovation in its product designs. This year we are proud to introduce the newest version of the Ratch-Cut Ratcheting Tube Cutter, which incorporates a sturdy spring mechanism that forces the cutter wheel to automatically tighten onto the pipe. This innovation eliminates the most common problem when using a ratcheting tube cutter: the need to adjust the tension on the cutting wheel while cutting.  The RC375A and RC1125A models speed up and simplify the cutting process, a convenience that the competition doesn’t offer!

We also offer the RC625 and RC875 models which also contain this spring mechanism and are designed to fit the most popular pipe sizes – ½” and ¾”. Again, the automatic tension provided by the spring allows you to cut pipe without making constant adjustments.

Ratch-Cut is the original, tool that started a cutting revolution. We take great pride in making the best cutting wheels in the industry and continue to improve our designs for faster, easier cutting.

Try a Ratch-Cut tool today and see for yourself how well they perform.

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