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The history of Kukko extraction tools dates back almost 100 years to the end of the Great War. In 1919 Alfred Kleinbongartz and his brother-in-law Emil Kaiser saw an opportunity to capitalize on the war-torn German economy by designing a puller for the industrial market, a tool that would prove essential in the rebuilding of the nation. In 1936, building off the success of their original operation, the Kukko-Werkzeugfabrik Kleinbongartz & Kaiser was opened in Remscheid, Germany where it is still headquartered today. Nearly a century after its founding, Kukko remains a family company, now operated by fourth-generation owners Wolfgang and Michael Kleinbongartz. Their dedication to manufacturing the best extraction tools has made Kukko the premier German manufacturer of extraction tools for professionals in trade and industry.

Anglo American Tools is proud to be the representative for the distribution of Kukko extraction tools in the USA. Kukko’s program is very extensive and special orders for any and all items will be handled but we will be primarily focusing on the “Quick Adjust” line, a line of pullers that give the user the ability to rapidly adjust the placement of the pulling arms on the bridge without the use of a wrench. These models come in a range of sizes, as well as both two-arm and three-arm variations.

Kukko holds numerous German and foreign patents, utility models, and designs which serve as a testament to the intensive, continuously successful developmental efforts of this world-renowned manufacturer. Kukko has also been awarded for its superior designs, most recently by Popular Mechanics at the 2012 AAPEX Trade Show in Las Vegas: [see photo] Editor’s Choice Award for Innovation and Design.

Please take some time to review the “Quick Adjust” line on our website. To better understand the multi-faceted benefits of these unique tools, refer to the Kukko catalog, which is available under the catalogs tab of our webpage. At this point, Anglo American Tools will not be stocking every item listed in the Kukko catalog; however, we can arrange a special order for any items that we do not stock. The lead time required for these special orders is normally 4-6 weeks but we will work with you to speed up delivery wherever and whenever possible.

Contact us by phone (856-784-8600) or by email ([email protected]) for more information about this amazing product line.

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