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At Anglo American Tools, we pride ourselves in bringing the most innovative European hand tools to the North American marketplace. Today, we would like to bring attention to the innovations of our Spanish partner Grip-On, manufacturer of the largest range of locking tools worldwide. The Grip-On V-notched Straight Jaws (GR113-10) locking pliers are the only straight jaw locking pliers that truly provide a secure hold on round objects. The signature V-notch in the center of the jaws allows for a firm hold of round objects without compromising the tool’s performance in straight jaw applications.

Grip-On offers many other unique locking tools, such as the Groovy Grip series. The Groovy Grip locking pliers (GR122-07BK & GR122-10BK) feature longitudinal V-grooves which create three points of contact and effectively prevent lateral movement during work. The design of the jaws allows them to clamp flat workpieces with maximum contact while the convex jaw provides additional clearance in tight spaces. The epoxy resin coating on the Groovy Grip pliers is ten times more resistant to corrosion than traditional nickel plating. It repels corrosive welding spatter and even improves visibility in the workplace by reducing welding reflection. The epoxy resin is also significantly more eco-friendly, as the processes involved with nickel plating can be detrimental to the environment.

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