IREGA Introduces 30” Behemoth (IR77-30)

IREGA is the world’s only company solely dedicated to the manufacture of adjustable wrenches. With over 90% of its total production exported to more than 60 countries worldwide, IREGA has positioned itself as a market leader in Europe and stands at the forefront of the global trade in adjustable wrenches.

IREGA manufacturers a full range of adjustable wrenches which is comprised of multiple different series, each designed to eliminate problematic elements that run-of-the-mill adjustable wrenches face when used in specific applications. The 77 series represents IREGA’s standard, 22 1/2˚ adjustable wrench: perfectly parallel jaw surfaces, precision-ground jaw sides, and a threaded pin, which facilitates the maintenance and repair of the jaw and knurl. The 77 series has long been available in a wide range of sizes (4”- 24”), one of two finishes (chrome and phosphate) as well as either a right turning or left turning knurl. The 77 series also features a wide-opening model which offers a 30% greater jaw capacity.

Recently IREGA added the IR77-30 to supplement the already extensive 77 series. This massive 30” wrench features a reinforced joint (1.5” thick and 6.3” wide) and delivers superior support, as evidenced by the twelve pounds of solid vanadium steel that constitute the tool. The IR77-30 is designed to withstand abuse during the heaviest and most demanding jobs in the maintenance, industrial and commercial industries. Its massive frame provides a larger jaw capacity (3”—78 mm), as well as additional power and greater leverage.

In 1989, IREGA set a new industry standard with the release of the 92 series: the first 22 1/2˚ adjustable wrench with a non-protruding jaw shank at maximum opening width. The non-protruding shank and slimmer jaw profile have made these wrenches indispensable when working in close quarters. The 92 series is available in a wide range of sizes (4”- 18”), a chrome or phosphate finish, as well as either a right or left turning knurl. The 92 series adjustable wrenches are also available in two specialty models: the ErgoTop and the Super Wide-Opening. The ErgoTop model features a replaceable two-component ergonomic handle that provides a firm, non-slip grip while cushioning the hand during repetitive work. As its name suggests, the Super Wide-Opening model features modifications that increase the jaw capacity–by a whopping 60%!

IREGA Adjustable Wrenches are distributed exclusively by Anglo American Tools in Somerdale, NJ. To learn more about IREGA wrenches, contact us at 856-784-8600 with any additional questions.

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