Precision Gripping Pliers Round Pointed Jaw

SKU: KN3432130
  • Joint with screw for precise, zero-backlash operation
  • Finely finished joint surfaces minimize friction for smooth and easy movement
  • Ground gripping surfaces have carefully deburred edges
  • ESD pliers protect delicate ESDS (electrostatic discharge sensitive devices) by dissipating electrostatic discharge

Knipex Hand Tools

The performance, durability, and ergonomics of KNIPEX hand tools are based on the high expectations of professional users. This is why KNIPEX uses very high-quality materials and advanced production technologies.

KNIPEX manufactures exclusively in Germany in an environmentally and socially sustainable atmosphere. KNIPEX is the leading manufacturer of pliers for professional users worldwide and offers high user benefit and superior quality in all of the KNIPEX products.

SKU: KN3432130
Weight: 0.13 lbs
Dimensions: Length 5.75 in x Width 2 in x Height 0.88 in
ESD (Electrostatic Discharge): No
Jaw Type: Pointed, Round
Manufacturer: Knipex
Industry: Automotive, Electrical, HVAC

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