Wiser Choices


At the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the third installment of Stephen Spielberg’s epic series starring Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones encounters the Guardian of the Holy Grail. The Guardian protects a room full of ornate goblets and chalices, one of which is the Holy Grail, the mythical cup from which Jesus Christ himself supposedly drank. The Guardian of the Grail advises Indy to “choose, but choose wisely” while he scours the room for the Grail. In true Hollywood fashion, one of Indiana Jones’ enemies does not heed this warning. He grabs one of the most ornate golden chalices in the room, drinks from it, and immediately dissolves into dust. Naturally, our hero Indiana Jones is wise enough to understand the nature of the task at hand and carefully selects the correct grail.

I think often about hand tools and their many uses, whether around the house or at a place of work. I have come to realize that the challenge of choosing the right tool is quite similar to the test that Indy faced when choosing the Grail in a room full of similar golden vessels. Choosing the wrong tool and a project suddenly becomes more difficult, more time-consuming, and perhaps even unsafe. “Choose wisely,” and the correct tool can help you save time, as well as improve safety and efficiency. In the end, choosing the right tool will keep the worker safer and boost productivity.

At Anglo American Tools, we focus on providing hand tools that offer enormous benefits with regard to performance and overall quality. “Superior Quality, Professional Hand Tools” has been our motto for decades, and our decision-making process when selecting our suppliers hinges on this mantra.

Some examples of our superior quality hand tools:

  • Knipex Cobra and Alligator pliers are far superior to the traditional slip joint or tongue and groove pliers, offering quicker adjustment mechanisms and a stronger grip.
  • Witte’s triangular-shaped, multi-component screwdriver handles offer many advantages over screwdrivers with traditional square-shaped cellulose acetate handles, as Witte’s ergonomic designs combine comfort and power seamlessly.
  • Kukko pullers feature patented Armlock technology which effectively eliminates the stress that causes bolts to break on the arms of many commonly used pullers.
  • NES Universal Thread Repair tools offer many advantages over the traditional tap and die sets. They adjust to fit bolts of virtually any diameter, depth, and pitch (metric or English units) and can be used on right-handed and left-handed threads. These innovative tools can even repair threads that are at the beginning of a nut or bolt, whereas taps and dies cannot.

Consider your current selection of tools, and determine whether a “wiser choice” could be made when you are searching for the ideal tools for your next job.

You must choose a tool, but please choose wisely and find your Holy Grail at Anglo American Tools.

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