V-Ribbed Belt Pulley Adapter

SKU: HZ2592
  • Adapter with internal serration XZN
  • For installing or removing the V-ribbed belt pulley at the generator

Hazet Automotive Tools

Hazet was founded in 1868 and is considered the premier company in the manufacturing of professional automotive hand tools in Germany. With over 145 years in business, Hazet remains older than the automobile industry itself, making notable contributions to the advancement of specialty automotive hand tools since the birth of the car.

Highly qualified engineers develop and design Hazet tools using advanced CAD computer software, simulating tools in virtual environments which then makes a 100% repeatable manufacturing process of the dies. This process ensures a consistently high standard of quality in each and every hand tool produced by Hazet.

SKU: HZ2592
Weight: 0.02 lbs
Dimensions: Length 1.25 in x Width 0.75 in x Height 0.75 in
Manufacturer: Hazet
Industry: Automotive

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