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Mill File 8″

  • Mill files are general-purpose tools for sharpening, draw filing, lathe work, and everyday general shop use
  • Single cut, both edges cut
  • Made from high-quality chromium alloy steel
  • Special lacquer provides protection from rust spots

Tome Feteira Files & Rasps

Founded in 1856, TOME FETEIRA has grown for over a century to become a modern and diversified manufacturer of high quality professional files & rasps. As a leading manufacturer in Europe, TOME FETEIRA has highly skilled workers that continuously research and develop new technologies for improving the performance and quality of their hand tools.

Weight: 0.26 lbs
Dimensions: Length 8 in x Width 0.79 in x Height 0.14 in
File Coarseness: Smooth Cut
Manufacturer: Tome Feteira

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