Club Hammer 10″ Steel Wedge

SKU: OS2000106
  • All models feature electro-inductive hardened steel, sideways smoothed, lacquered, polished striking faces, and blunted edges
Manufacturer: Osca

Osca Hammers & Chisels

For over 40 years OSCA has been renowned for the manufacturing of superior quality hand tools ranging from hammers, mallets, chisels, pliers, and cutters. All of OSCA’s products are a result of continued research and development of raw materials, components, and technology. Over the years OSCA has grown tremendously in the hand tools sector, establishing itself as a premier manufacturer of quality tools.

OSCA has introduced laser systems into its manufacturing process which adds to the overall uniqueness and quality of the hand tools that OSCA provides to its customer base.

SKU: OS125S106
Handle Length: 10″
Description: Forged safety collar, 3-components handle, aluminum alloy core. Vibration free, mechanical fixing of the head w/ round steel wedge
LBS: 2.2

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