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Aluminum Strap Wrench

SKU: BO13010
  • Grips open, unscrew, and or tighten almost any shape
  • Can be safely used on glass, plastic, wood, chrome, and other sensitive surfaces without scratching or marring
  • The unique reinforced industrial-strength strap has a breaking strain in excess of 2000-lbs of pressure
  • Heavy-duty alloy frame and an extra-long strap which grips shapes up to 10-inches

Boa Strap Wrenches

The world’s first multi-use strap wrench was created in 1994 and Boa was established to market and distribute this product globally. The Boa Constrictor Strap Wrench sold in excess of 15 million units making it a phenomenally successful invention.

Boa continues to invent and develop products building on its foundations of innovation, quality, and functionality. With manufacturing facilities in the UK and warehouse distribution in Germany and USA, Boa offers global solutions and world-class processes and services.

The team at Boa continues to develop new products and technologies in the hand and power-tool accessories industries, creating new product sectors through our patented ideas. Along with its reputation for bringing new ideas to the market, Boa believes in sustainability and respect for the environment by resourcing sustainable supplies and engaging incredible recycling programs.

SKU: BO13010
Weight: 1.3 lbs
Dimensions: Length 8.5 in x Width 4 in x Height 1.25 in
Material: Aluminum
Capacity: 10.3/4 in
Manufacturer: Boa
Industry: Automotive, Plumbing, Welding

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