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1000v Insulated Adjustable Wrench

  • For work on voltage or in the proximity of voltage installations with nominal tensions up to 1.000 V for alternating current and 1.500 V for direct current
  • Flame retardant material, the differently-colored insulation layers provide easy identification if insulation is damaged
  • Can be used within the temperature range -20°C and 70°C
  • The design and insulation of the handle allows a secure grip and prevent slippage

Irega Adjustable Wrenches

Since 1945 Irega has been the only company exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of adjustable wrenches. Irega has positioned itself at the forefront of the wrench market in Europe offering the best in quality and product range.

From forging to the finished product, Irega incorporates advanced technologies in surface grinding and controlled atmospheric heat treatments continuing the process of delivering quality products to end-users.

Each Irega product is individually inspected to guarantee that every hand tool meets quality standards.

Weight: 0.8 lbs
Dimensions: Length 8 in x Width 2 in x Height 1 in
Manufacturer: Irega
Industry: Electrical

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