Visit us at the 2012 National Hardware Show!

Since the mid-’70s, Anglo American Enterprises Corporation has exhibited at The National Hardware Show. The premier show in the industry, previously in Chicago for many years, has been in Las Vegas for the past few years at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This annual event is an important venue to display Anglo American’s product range and introduce new products. This year is no exception. It is also an ideal time to network with associates in the industry and re-connect with valuable customers and important partners. In addition, the company has been rebranded as Anglo American Tools with a new image and logo.

Anglo American Tools prides itself as being well known for the unique, high-quality hand tools that are offered to wholesalers and distributors throughout the United States. All of the product lines are manufactured in Europe and offer unique features and benefits that are not commonly found in the market. For example, many show participants showed enormous interest in the NES Universal Thread Repair line, which was introduced 2 years ago. This system offers a quick and easy way to repair damaged threads without the use of taps and dies. Recently, Anglo American Tools introduced the Red Toolbox program, in addition to other programs over the years.

This year, Anglo American Tools is proud to announce their new partnership with Kukko, a puller manufacturer located in Remscheid, Germany. Kukko specializes in the manufacturing of extractor tools, such as pullers for dismounting gears, bearings, and similar components.

Kukko is regarded as the premier puller line in Germany. Their development of a unique and clever line of pullers known as the “Quick Adjusting Universal Pullers” will be Anglo Americans’ primary focus. These pullers include 2-arm and 3-arm models that come in a variety of sizes and styles.

We will also have some new Knipex pliers on display as well as other new items from our different factory partners. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth and discussing the products and how we can work together. Please stop by and visit us at Booth 7449.

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