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This Isn’t Your Standard Wrench. This Is The Super Wide Opening Adjustable Wrench from Irega. Proof that Size Matters.

This isn’t a standard wrench, not even a wide-opening wrench. This is the new Super Wide Opening (SWO) wrench from the world’s premier manufacturer of adjustable wrenches, IREGA.

Focusing on devotion to quality and unparalleled technical prowess, IREGA has now introduced the SWO 92-series of adjustable wrenches that can open up to the capacity of a standard 12” wrench.

The features and benefits of the 92 Series SWO wrench are sure to be a problem solver for different applications you may need to tackle. There is no wobble or play in the lower jaw for a perfect grip on a nut or bolt. A non-protruding jaw shank and slim profile permit access to tight spaces allowing for a perfect fit in any instance. The SWO wrench is made of high-quality chrome-vanadium steel providing great resistance, minimum wear, and unbeatable durability. The jaws are available with a measuring scale in inches for easy presetting and sizing of nuts, bolts, and pipes.

In conjunction with the superior design of the jaw, an important feature of the SWO wrench is the replaceable two-component handle. The handle has been ergonomically designed with an Ergo Top rubber grip to reduce stress on the hands and wrist, providing maximum comfort.

The Super Wide Opening Wrench from IREGA is offered in both 6“ and 8” models. For greater accessibility, IREGA has developed the SWO 92XS Xtra Slim model that is 50% thinner than standard wrenches providing a lightweight, compact and versatile profile.

IREGA adjustable wrenches are high-performance hand tools for use in the automotive, plumbing, HVAC, and maintenance industries. As the premier manufacturer of adjustable wrenches in Europe, IREGA focuses on quality and performance, providing lasting results with overwhelming customer satisfaction.

To learn more about IREGA’s high-quality SWO adjustable wrenches contact Anglo American Tools at 856.784.8600 or visit our website at

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