The Thread Family of Tools from Anglo American Tools

Let’s be honest, thread repair and broken screws can be gut-wrenching. Do not let damaged threads hit you where it hurts. Get past your thread-related problems with tools from Anglo American Tools.

All products marketed by Anglo American Tools are produced in Europe and are available through several online platforms, major industrial distributors, and traditional mobile jobbers such as Snap-On, Mac, Matco, and Cornwell. Any challenge can become an easy fix for a professional or novice with their wide range of tools specifically designed for thread repair, extraction, tapping, and cleaning.

As most hand tool users know, various thread challenges can emerge throughout the day: damaged or dirty threads, broken heads on bolts and screws, and even stubborn nuts that are impossible to budge and can ruin your day! No need to throw a wrench into it, there is a solution when you have the thread family at Anglo American Tools available in your toolbox.

Thread Repair

Reach for NES when your threads are a mess. The NES universal thread repair tools, produced in Israel, are ideal for repairing external threads (three sizes to accommodate 5/32” – 6”) and internal threads (nine sizes for 5/16” – 4 1/4”). These tools are perfect for SAE or Metric, coarse or fine, left-handed or right-handed capability, and are sold individually or in sets. Do not forget to check out the new NES5 Tight Space Thread Restorer.


Thread Cleaning

Indulge in the magic of cleaning your dirty and grimy threads with the THREAD WIZARD. Cast a spell by inserting the bolt and manually turning the tool to clean the threads, leaving you with a flawless foundation. The bolts are cleaned by inserting the bolt into the correct-sized hole and turning it against the wire wheel which is sandwiched between two plastic pieces.

What about the conjecture of tapping new threads? Tapping can occur when you cut, or recut threads into a hole or nut. Various sizes of SCHRODER’s reversible ratcheting tap wrenches can help you with smooth and easy tapping use to take care of all your twists and turns.


Do not let extractions create distractions. Anglo American Tools provides multiple variations for screw and bolt extraction from several European factories such as RENNSTEIG, BOA, HAZET, and FORZA, a new partner from Spain.

To get started with screw extraction, one must drill a pilot hole to use the tool. To avoid skating, make sure the hole is lined up. This can be done with any of the small, medium, or large RENNSTEIG automatic adjustable center punches. The striking forces are adjustable by turning the shaft to increase or reduce the striking force, allowing the tool to begin your pilot hole for you.

Find more solutions with RENNSTEIG if you are searching for a specific and helpful range of double-fluted extractor tools that can go clockwise or counterclockwise. RENNSTEIG offers a unique design extractor for left-handed and right-handed damaged bolts and screws.

Additionally, BOA offers various-sized extractors that can be helpful for multiple broken bolt and screw use. Specifically, BOA carries a two-piece set that helps remove up to 12 different models of screws. Grab a two-piece, four-piece, or six-piece set available for various sizes. HAZET also offers five and eight-piece sets to allow for easy removal.

And if you need to loosen a nut and it will not budge even with KNIPEX pliers and IREGA adjustable wrenches, try out the HAZET nut splitters and the FORZA nut splitters that are available in several sizes for any of your stubborn troubles.

Reach out to Anglo American Tools for more information on this broad assortment of problem-solving tools for your challenging extracting and threading situations.

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By: Darian Kukral | November 23, 2022

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