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This afternoon, Anglo American Tools was proud to support and appreciate the staff at the annual holiday party. There was lunch and dessert enjoyed, as well as a gift exchange. Today, the employee of the month was also recognized. The president and CEO of AAT, Stephen Tuck, prepared a speech for the special celebration. The inspiration from Abraham Lincoln’s famous speech in 1863 served as the format of the speech at the luncheon.

“Two score and nine years ago, my mother and father brought forth to this country and the town of Somerdale, a new business, conceived to represent quality hand tool manufacturers from Europe. While also dedicating the proposition that all customers and prospects are created equal in opportunity and value. 

We are all currently engaged in a challenge testing whether our company can long endure. We are met with customer and market challenges and technological demands, and we are inundated with cost increases from our factory partners, which positions the costs of our products at a higher rate, while we strive to remain competitive. 

It is altogether, fitting and proper to advise you that 2022 has been a successful year compared with the past few years. But in a larger sense, we cannot succeed, we cannot preserve, and we cannot try to continue, without the continual support of our staff. Our collaborative team efforts have established a procedure and respect for each other, our customers, and our factory partners. It is our power to add, not detract, from that mission. 

Our memories tomorrow morning may little note, nor long remember what has been said here today, but it is for all of us to be dedicated to the unfinished work which we are all striving for. That our company, principles, and ideals remain strong, and that our mission of representing our factory partners and helping our customers be successful with our products. These goals shall not perish from our thoughts as we enter 2023.” 

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