Sparking Interest at the 2011 AIWD Welding Show

SAVANNAH, GA. — Exhibiting at the 2011 AIWD show in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, sparked the opportunity to get our foot in the door of the welding industry. Not only did it give us the chance to show off our large variety of high-quality welding tools, but gave us the opportunity to meet and chat with the AIWD members.

The AIWD show consisted of about 125 members, who all equally expressed their passion for welding and the welding industry. This allowed us to really get in the minds of the people representing the welding industry, and further educate ourselves on the tools welders prefer to use. Not to mention the tools they wish they had and are in search of. Thankfully, we were showcasing many of the unique, high-quality, problem-solving tools they were looking for.

Some of the most popular tool lines we showcased at AIWD included Grip-On Clamp, Knipex Pliers, and the NES thread repair tools.

The hydraulic clamp by Urko captured the interest of many members, because of the powerful 130 lbs of pressure that are applied with each squeeze of the hydraulic pump, while the Grip-On MicroGrip2000 clamp intrigued others with its small size and incredible strength.

Another eye-catching product was the Thread Repair Tools by NES. A lot of members were shocked when they watched the demonstration of these hand tools, and their ability to solve such a difficult task with such ease. Although the NES thread repair really isn’t a welding tool, members were still excited about the product.

The AIWD show was a great learning experience and an incredible opportunity to meet the members and other vendors of the AIWD group.

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