Popular Mechanics Awards Kukko with “Editors Choice Award” at 2012 AAPEX Show

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Popular Mechanics, one of the most popular magazines among men in the US with some nine million copies in circulation, has chosen Kukko as the recipient of this year’s esteemed ‘Award for Innovation and Design at the AAPEX trade show in Las Vegas.

“In the US, the marketplace does not wait for German tools. Only a select few companies that understand the American market mentality, pursuing their ambitions with dedication and patience and utilizing the support of a great sales team, can achieve success in the United States. As a foreign company, we take a great measure of pride in the acceptance of such an esteemed award. Of course, all of this would not be possible without the owners, who have stood behind the concept completely and continue to provide support. The real honors belong to Wolfgang and Michael Kleinbongartz!

The expansion of our production capacity with our new facility in Hilden, combined with this great award and, last but not the least, the positive reception of Kukko products in new markets, is the ultimate reward and motivator for all involved to continue their hard work,” stated Timo Winter (Director of International Sales & Marketing) at the recent awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

About Kukko

The Kukko-Werkzeugfabrik Kleinbongartz & Kaiser oHG is the premier manufacturer of extraction tools for professionals in trade and industry. The company’s headquarters have been in Remscheid since 1936.

Kukko has been an independent, owner-managed, family enterprise for four generations and has established itself as a worldwide leader in the production of extraction tools of all sorts.

From the beginning, Kukko has specialized in the development and manufacturing of extracting tools for the non-destructive disassembly of gears, bearings, ball bearings, and similar components in all areas of technology. Today, the puller lines and other disassembly tools are still the core business of the Kukko group.

Numerous domestic and foreign patents, utility models, and designs serve as a testament to Kukko’s intensive, continuous and successful development efforts.

Kukko and Anglo American Tools

Anglo American Tools prides itself in presenting the best of European hand tools to the North American marketplace. Over the past four decades, Anglo American has successfully brought several German hand tool lines to consumers in the States, most notably Knipex pliers, and Wittescrewdrivers. After lengthy deliberations and an intensive informational tour of the Kukko manufacturing facilities, Anglo American Tools has added Kukkoto to its all-star line-up. Together, Kukko and Anglo American strive to provide the American end-user with the best extracting tools on the market.

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