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Nes Thread Repair listed as PTEN “Top 10” most requested item of 2013

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Professional Tool and Equipment News Magazine will be announcing the “Top 100 Most Requested Products by Readers in 2013” list in their December publication. This annual list by PTEN is determined by the number of inquiries each featured product in the “Online Buyer’s Guide” receives throughout the year.

This year, NES Thread Repair has been featured in the “Top 10” list, climbing 15 spots from the list in 2012’s edition of PTEN “Top 100”. This is a proud achievement for both NES and Anglo American Tools, as we are honored these high-quality, innovative thread repair tools have interested so many readers over the past two years.

NES Thread Repair tools replace a huge array of taps and die by repairing both internal and external damaged threads without the need for calibration or identifying thread type.

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