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Easily Tighten Those Hard-to-Reach Objects with the Best Strap Wrench

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A strap wrench is a handheld tool that uses a large strap to tighten and loosen objects. It works by gripping an object and holding it tight with the strap, thereby preventing slippage via friction. The tool is most often used with oil filters and awkwardly shaped objects, as well as things that are in tight or hard-to-reach places. Strap wrenches are useful to keep around the home because of the way they tighten and loosen objects.

Given the right-sized strap, the tool can fit around and loosen most objects without scratching, denting, or leaving behind any sort of mark. This makes them great for use with DIY projects where the aesthetic quality of something needs to be preserved such as bathtubs, painted furniture, showerheads, or vehicles. The following best strap wrenches in 2022 are all heavy duty with a solid metal handle. They also all feature a durable strap, rubber or nylon, as well as some type of protective warranty.

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