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Anglo Partners with Plumbing Tool Manufacturer – Virax

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Anglo American Tools is proud to announce its partnership with Virax – A manufacturer of plumbing tools from France.

Vimax, located in Epernay, France, specializes in the manufacturing and design of professional, innovative plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and roofing tools, currently sold in over 75 countries worldwide. Without cutting corners, Virax grants bountiful manpower and industrial investments, continuously enhancing and perfecting their high-quality innovations and designs utilized in the development of their tool line on a daily basis.

Matching performance, ergonomics, design, and reliability allow Virax to provide a quality product to the customer that ensures a long-lasting tool life with its correct use of operation and conditions. Some products currently sold by Anglo include copper, plastic, and steel tube cutters, which effortlessly cut through tubing in plumbing applications and provide a compact design and an easy blade-changing method.

Learn more about Virax Plumbing Tools.

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